Project 6: Advanced Rendering

King’s Treasure

By Jeff Bertrand


Current image

The goal for this project was to incorporate advanced rendering techniques such as reflections, refractions, and caustics. I didn’t have any major problems with this project, it just took a long time to render. I will upload newer renders as they are complete. It also took a while to get the caustics to work properly but they seem to be working now.

AO Pass



Project 5: Texturing

Project 5: Texturing a fruit bowl

By Jeff Bertrand


Final image

I didn’t have any major problems with this project. I tried to do a depth pass in order to composite depth of field, but that did not work out. This .mb file allowed me to use the Maya internal software renderer, but I went with mentalray for the final image.

I composited the scene with Blender.

AO pass

I mostly used textures from and google image search


Architectural Lighting

By Jeff Bertrand


The primary focus for this project was to accurately light a scene from the natural history museum and my scene featured a triceratops skeleton.

Problems encountered:

I didn’t have a lot of major problems with this project and overall it was pretty fun. Maya crashed at the worst times, but I am used to it now. I turned auto-save off when working from home on the Maya student edition because Maya insists on reminding me every 5 minutes that the license that I have is a Student version and it makes me stop work and click yes in the dialog box.  I was trying to get ambient occlusion and refractions to work but had no success. I was also forced to use mentalray, the Maya software renderer did not want to work for some reason. I did a little bit of compositing and color correction in Blender after it was done rendering in Maya. I never did capture my intended lighting in the background, but I think the foreground lighting on the triceratops was successful.

I obtained two textures from and made them seamless in Gimp.