Project 4 – Compositing Render Passes

By Jeff Bertrand


For this project, I used pre-rendered shots from the “The Water is Always Bluer…” DPA project to composite a final video. I used .exr files for each pass: AO, background, duck, duck matte, bill matte, claw and claw matte.  The claw and the duck both used AO and they were combined with the matte before being merged into the main trunk. The duck’s bill was too yellow, so I changed the hue to more of an orange and increased the saturation. The duck’s body color was very similar to the background so I used the matte to color correct the duck’s hue until it was a brighter yellow than the background. I used a multiply merge for the steam at the bottom of the trunk. Finally, I did a small Gaussian blur and a little bit more color correction at the end.

Problems: I thought that I had to use the ZDepth channel of the .exr files in order to make the water appear to be on top and behind the duck at the same time. It turns out the matte already took care of of that, so I merged the matte with the beauty pass using a mask operation.

Nuke tree


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