Project 3 – Tracking

By Jeff Bertrand



This video is a composite of a simple explosion on top of a clip from The Avengers. The explosion was created in Blender with a particle system and lighting for the flash. It was difficult to find a place in the clip for good matchmoving because the camera was moving so much and creating a lot of motion blur. I choose this part of the clip because I was able to get steady markers on the ridges of the building which allowed me to map the movement of the camera to the virtual camera in Blender. As the Blender camera moves, the explosion appears to follow it as opposed to staying in one place. I added motion blur and glare highlights to the explosion in the final composite.

Still image


[Updated Version]

Here is the updated version of the ski lift. This time I used the Blender motion tracker to follow the lift as it crosses the frame. Once it was tracked, I was able to put Bob back in the seat and make a mask to cover up the back of the lift. I also blurred and darkened the color to match the other humans.

[Old Version]

For this video, I added a virtual human character to the ski lift that appears to ride along with it. There is a static hold out mask that blocks the view of the character while he is behind the pole.

Still image


I used several markers to stabilize a video from a subway.


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