Project 1: Image Compositing

By Jeff Bertrand


Overview: Composite 3 different images using live or cg elements.

CG on Live

For this image, I found an architectural interior shot online and I wanted to composite a cg clock onto the wall. The left wall had a lot of empty space and a light coming from the top which made it seem like it should have something on it.

I modeled and rendered a pendulum clock in blender using this base image.

And aligned and lit it using Blender’s Cycles renderer with 5000 samples.

I also did a shadow pass in Blender by cropping out a section of the original picture and using it as a normal map.

UV mapped it to a plane right behind the clock to simulate the roughness of the wall and rendered a shadow pass.

Here is the final image with all of the elements combined and color corrected.

Live on CG

For this image, I found an image of a comedian in front of a green screen

And modeled a stage in Blender

Then a made a matte

Then I combined, color corrected, eroded the edge, blurred both the foreground and background to get this final image

Live on Live

For this image, I used a concert as a base image

I found this goofy green screen image

Created the matte

Then color corrected, scaled, translated, eroded the edge and blurred to get this final image